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It is now the law that all dogs in England and Wales are microchipped

For just £42.44, you can have peace of mind that you and your pet can be reunited if they go missing.

A chip is the size of a grain of rice and can be inserted by either a vet or nurse at any age, even from as young as your puppy's or kitten's second vaccination - if you bring along a tasty treat!

The story of Poppy, the 2 year old black, domestic short haired cat, illustrates the enormous value of having your pet microchipped. Poppy, who lives with the Clark family, along with her brother Coco, went missing on 16 September 2010 from her home in Cypress Avenue in Worthing, West Sussex. Her family put posters up in the local area and knocked on door after door, but no luck. A week later, Poppy was still missing and Billy from WADARS came out to help look in undergrowth near the Clark's family home, but still no sign of her.

The family contacted Cats Protection, Worthing Cat Welfare and Paws Animal Sanctuary, but there was no news of their beloved Poppy. Mrs Clark's daughter was heartbroken and would sit by the window night after night waiting for Poppy to come home.

On 16 November 2010, exactly 2 months after her disappearance, Poppy was taken into the Lancing branch of Grove Lodge Vets as a stray by Mrs Turpin from Lancing. Mrs Turpin had been seeing Poppy in her garden for around 3 weeks and noticed she was getting thinner, so she started feeding her and gradually won Poppy's trust.

Mrs Turpin had decided to adopt Poppy if her owners were not able to be traced. However, the vet scanned Poppy and everyone was delighted to discover that she had a microchip! Our receptionist Kelly rang Poppy's owners with the astonishing news and they were overjoyed to hear Poppy was alive and well - and mystified as to how she had travelled so far from her home!

Having returned Poppy to the Clark family, Mrs Turpin has now decided to adopt a cat from a rescue centre. The day after being reunited with her family, Poppy visited the Durrington branch of Grove Lodge Veterinary Group and was given a full health check. Apart from some weight loss, Poppy was given a clean bill of health!

So if your pet is not microchipped, what are you waiting for?! Book in to your nearest branch of Grove Lodge Vets today.