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Honest, up-front pricing

Take a look at this list of our services to enable you to understand what's involved in your pet's care and the charges for that treatment.

Please note that if the vet asks to see your pet again for a check-up, this will incur a consultation fee. We hope you understand that this is to pay for the vet's professional time to re-examine your pet and discuss your pet's progress since they were last seen.

Ask about how you can save money on preventative healthcare with the Grove Lodge Vets Pet Health Club.

All prices correct as of July 2021


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £48.90
Prescription Fee £19.69
Microchip £29.50

Consultations After Hours

  Standard Price
Seven days a week consultation - evening (7:30pm to midnight) £150.00
Seven days a week consultation - morning (midnight to 7:00am) £220.00
Saturday/Sunday Emergency Consultation - during day (applies until 5:00pm then switches to OOH charge) £99.00
Bank Holiday Consultation £159.00

All out of hours will be seen by Worthing Emergency Vets at Grove Lodge Vets


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Vaccination Course £86.00 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination £61.50 Included
Kennel Cough Vaccination £38.00* (or £25.00 if at the same time as a booster) Included
Dog Spay From £292.00 20% off
Dog Laparoscopic Spay From £470.00 20% off
Dog Castrate From £220.00 20% off


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat Vaccination Course (Including Leukaemia) £91.50 Included
Cat Booster Vaccination (Including Leukaemia) £61.50 Included
Cat Castrate £105.00 20% off
Cat Spay £125.00 20% off