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At Grove Lodge Vets, we are very proud to be able to offer laparoscopic ("keyhole") surgery at both our main Hospital in Worthing and at our Brighton branch in Preston Drove. This is a minimally invasive option for a number of both routine and non routine surgeries in veterinary patients.

Laparoscopic bitch spays have been available at Grove Lodge Vets since 2011 and our surgeons have performed hundreds of these operations.

We are delighted with the results and the positive feedback from our clients, both internal and referral. Bitch spays performed by laparoscopy lead to quicker patient recovery with less post-operative discomfort and are well tolerated by our patients.

The procedure involves inserting a camera and instruments into the patient via "posts" (small incisions) under general anaesthetic.

Gas is used to increase the space in the body cavity under general anaesthetic. A camera and instruments are introduced through small incisions to perform the surgery. Electro surgery (ie using electric current rather than stitches) is used to close the blood vessels. The incisions are closed with single stitches.

It requires specialist equipment and training therefore the procedure has an additional cost.

Keyhole surgery has been the norm in human surgery for many years due to its advantages over open surgery.

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