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Outpatient CT Notes

For referring vets

  • Please ensure that the patient is clinically stable before referring for outpatient CT. If the patient is not stable please refer through the appropriate discipline, e.g. medicine, surgery.
  • If you require other investigations to be performed at the time of CT (e.g. biopsies/sampling) please refer through the appropriate discipline.
  • The referring vet should discuss the rational for CT with the client before referring and if possible expected outcomes. It should be made clear that Grove lodge Vets will not be involved in decision making or discussing treatment options.
  • A suitably qualified vet will review the clinical history to determine that CT is an appropriate imaging modality for the case concerned before booking. 
  • The patient will be seen as a pre-op appointment by the referral vet performing the CT for a general health check prior to admission. Grove lodge will bear responsibility for the welfare of the patient from the time of admission until they are fit for discharge. Grove lodge will not perform any additional procedure unless this would be detrimental to the health of the patient and would contact the owner and attempt to contact the referring vet prior to performing any such procedure.
  • The CT scan will be performed under sedation or general anaesthesia depending on the nature of the study. If the study requires the administration of a contrast agent, pre-op bloods will be obtained for biochemistry and IV fluids will be administered during and for a few hours following the procedure.  
  • The study will be sent for reporting by a specialist radiologist at VetCT. A copy of the report will be emailed to the referring vet who can contact the reporting radiologist for additional support and advice if required. Reporting times are 3-4 working days for a non-urgent case, 24 hours for a priority case and within 4 hours for an urgent case. Prioritised reports will incur an additional charge to the owner. It is the responsibility of the referring vet to inform the owner of the results of the study. Grove lodge will not discuss the report with the owner. If the patient is referred to another practice the report and images can be forwarded as required.
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