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Dog Vaccine Shortage

Vaccines Update

Due to Europe wide supply issues with dog vaccines at the moment we have had to consider reserving vaccines for the most vulnerable patients, to best protect the dog population as a whole. This problem has, in part been created by demand outstripping supply.

Vaccinations will be prioritised for puppies undergoing their primary course and those adult dogs not previously vaccinated, we would also recommend consideration being applied to prioritise dogs going into higher risk scenarios such as kennels over lower risk scenarios, which may be reasonably be delayed.

To conserve supplies we propose extending the interval for boosters in older dogs that have had their primary vaccine course to 14-15 months. This change is an attempt to protect as many individuals as possible and the risk to older dogs with good vaccination history in a lower risk environment is extremely low compared to the risk of significant outbreaks if we didn’t do this.

We need to continue with this strategy till January 2022 when this issue should be resolved.


Updated October 2021
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