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Advice on buying a puppyThe Best - and Worst - Ways to Buy a Puppy

Some words of wisdom from our Director, Andrew Ash, BVetMED, Cert SAM, MBA MRCVS, about buying a puppy.

"Farm fresh" sounds like a good healthy message. So why do puppy farms go to such lengths to hide the origin of the puppies they sell?

I firmly believe that the owners of these businesses are in it for the cash - not for the animals. They know that the British public wouldn't knowingly support the industry so they resort to internet and FridayAd cash sales.

However, it's not just the puppies that we should be most worried about, it's the adult breeding bitches who have endless litters in a dull, stressful and dirty environment and are then abandoned.

Farmed puppies tend to be sold as soon as they can be removed from their mother. At least they have a chance in their new home to be properly looked after and socialised,  but there are still the concerns about diseases such as parvo virus and campylobacter - often worsened by long stressful journeys from the farm to the cities where they are sold.

Spare a thought today for the parents of these puppies, getting ready to have yet another litter. Will they ever have a great walk or some tasty treats with a loving family?

There are basic rules when you are looking for a puppy that you must follow, some of which are detailed below:

  • ALWAYS see the puppy's parents, preferably both but definitely the mother. There is no good reason why the breeder will not show you the puppy's mother
  • Always see where the puppy has been bred. NEVER buy a puppy from the back of a car even if both "parents" are supposedly there
  • NEVER buy a puppy over the phone and allow it to be delivered, no matter how convincing the salesperson's story is
  • A reputable breeder should be able to tell you the worming products they have used and prove this
  • A good breeder should have fed the puppies on a high quality puppy food, not scrambled egg, cheese omelette or goat's milk!

If you need help and advice, please call Grove Lodge Vets - we are always delighted to help you find a new addition to your family.

Check out the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club websites for a great list of dos and don'ts about getting a puppy.