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I am Tiggy, the long haired tabby cat.

I live here at Grove Lodge Vets, surrounded by my staff who tend to my every need.

Some cats might think the vets is the last place they would want to live.

Well, think again. I get the very best food, play, strokes and cuddles whenever I want and a comfy bed in the best sunny spot. I oversee the office from my vantage point in my bed on the desk to ensure everything runs smoothly, especially around meal times.

Sometimes I share the Practice Manager's lunch. Lisa is my most loyal servant and loves to share with me.

I love to be cuddled and stroked, but make sure my staff know when I have had enough.

I have been asked to write my diary for the new website and hope you enjoy it. Why not ask your cats if they'd like to share their stories with me - we could be paw pals!