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Grove Lodge Terms and Conditions of Business

Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet to Grove Lodge Veterinary Group Ltd. Our Terms and Conditions are set out below. By accepting these conditions you confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

All fees charged by the Practice are inclusive of VAT. Fee levels are determined by the time and skill involved in treating a case, and depending on the diagnostic and support facilities, medicines, materials, consumables and diets used during treatment. All fees are payable in full at the time of treatment or on the discharge of your pet from the hospital or branch. The person presenting an animal to our clinic for treatment is liable for any fees incurred. An itemised invoice is available for each consultation on request.

Estimate of Treatment Costs
We will endeavour to provide you with an estimate for treatment prior to your pet being admitted for surgery or investigations. Please bear in mind, that estimates can only be approximate, as the treatment required for a pet's illness can vary significantly between individual cases. We will make every effort to contact you, and notify you of any increase from the estimated cost, however if we are unable to contact you we will treat your pet as necessary to prevent pain and suffering.

Methods of Payment
All accounts are due for settlement after each consultation, upon discharge of your pet, or following purchase of food, or medicines. We accept payment by cash, credit card (all current credit cards excluding American Express and Amex). Cheques are no longer accepted for payment. In some cases, we will accept relevant vouchers (subject to their validity).

Settlement Terms
On the rare occasions that an account has not been settled, a reminder will be sent with an additional administration fee. If the account remains unsettled, additional late payment fees will be added. After notifying you any account remaining unpaid will be referred to a debt collection agency, which will incur further charges levied by the cost of recovering the debt. Any credit card payment which is not honoured, or any cash payment received which is found to be counterfeit will incur bank charges. The account will be returned to its original sum together with the administration charges incurred and any interest accrued on the original sum.  You will be kept informed of any increase to your account, whilst your pet is an inpatient, in order for you to ensure funds are available for settlement of the account at the time of discharge, or upon completion of treatment. Any difficulty in settling an account must be discussed with the veterinary surgeon in charge of your pet's case, or our Accounts Manager, as soon as possible, preferably prior to, in the case of any planned surgical procedure.
Ownership of Records
Case records, including radiographs and laboratory investigations remain the property of Grove Lodge Veterinary Group and will be retained by the company, irrespective of the charge made to the client for these investigations to be undertaken and the results to be interpreted. Copies and a printed history will be passed to another veterinary surgeon taking over the case upon request and your authorisation.

Complaints and Standards
Grove Lodge Vets is an Investor in People Practice and is accredited by the RCVS. We strive to provide you and your pet with an excellent standard of service and care, but appreciate that things can go wrong and there may be times when you feel your expectations have not been met. We hope that you give us the chance to put things right, and that any problems can be rectified promptly and to your satisfaction at the time they arise.  If you feel the problem cannot be resolved and you would like to make a formal complaint, we ask you to let us know in writing within 6 months. Please address it to our Client Services Co-ordinator, who will send you an acknowledgement letter, an estimation of investigation and response time.  Further details regarding complaints are available by contacting the Practice/on our website.

Out of Hours Policy
We provide 24 hour emergency cover. Should you require emergency veterinary care for your pet outside of our normal opening hours, please call 01903 234866, and follow the instructions on our automated out of hours telephone system, to arrange for your pet to be seen by an on-call vet or nurse, or to receive veterinary advice. Please note any treatment given to your pet outside of our normal surgery hours will incur an increased fee (please see our website for the latest out of hours consultation fees).

CCTV and call recording
Some of our branches and the hospital have CCTV installed both inside and outside the building. This is for the security of our staff and the premises. Those areas where CCTV is operational are clearly signed. The practice takes the safety and protection of its staff extremely seriously and will inform the police immediately if our staff are threatened or abused. Call recording is used at the hospital and some branches for staff training. The practice works with the Data Protection Act - for further information contact the Data Protection Supervisor.

Prescription Policy
Prescriptions are available from this Practice.  We can provide Prescription Only Medicines, category V (POM Vs) from your veterinary practice or pharmacy. The veterinary surgeon is only allowed to prescribe POM Vs to animals under treatment with this practice.  It is not always necessary to provide a prescription for medication used whilst your pet is an inpatient, or if urgent, medical treatment is required. We can provide, on request, the cost of any prescribed medication required by your pet.  It is the policy of the Practice that any animal on long-term medication should receive an assessment at least every six months, to ensure continued well being. The cost of this assessment will be that of a current standard consultation fee, in addition to any medication prescribed after examination (current prices on our website Written prescriptions incur a fee (fees on the website and clearly displayed in all our reception areas).

Responsible Pet Ownership and Pet Health Insurance
Grove Lodge Vets encourage responsible pet ownership and the benefits of preventative health care, including regular vaccinations, appropriate interval worming for cats and dogs, and regular flea control for cats, dogs and rabbits.  We also advise that in addition to pet tag identification which is required by law, we also recommend all pets should be identifiable by a microchip. We recommend you insure your pet against accident or illness, including third party cover. Many companies can tailor a policy to suit your pet's needs. Please be aware it is your responsibility to settle our account and then reclaim the fees from your insurance company. Changes to FSA guidelines alter the way insurance claims are dealt with and prevent us handling the claim on your behalf as a third party.  The veterinary surgeon will complete the appropriate section of the insurance claim form for a minimal administration charge, which is required prior to completion.

Grove Lodge will contact you by letter, phone, text or email to advise you of the progress of inpatients, reminders for any preventative health aspects due for your pet, outstanding accounts, current Practice promotions etc. If you have a preference as to how we contact you, please let us know. We will make every effort to contact you with regard to vaccination reminders, but cannot accept responsibility for lapsed vaccinations.

The Practice will not be bound by any variation or changes to these terms and condition, unless they have been specifically agreed in writing, and signed for, by the Company Director. No person employed by, or under contract with the Practice, has any authority to agree alternative conditions in any way.