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Grove Lodge Vets is delighted to offer you and your pets our Practice Nurse Clinics provided by our fully qualified Veterinary Nurses.

Here are some of the many procedures that may be undertaken by our Practice Nurses:

Claw clipping
Overly long claws can mean that owners are scratched when handling their pets. Not only that, they can actually grown inwards into the pads if left unchecked and cause lameness and infection. It is therefore extremely important to keep your pet's nails at a suitable length.

Flea control
Many pets resent their flea treatments! The Practice Nurses can advise on the most effective product as well as administer the preparation to your pet. We recommend using a veterinary flea product as these are the most effective. As fleas don't holiday in the winter - and also carry tapeworm - it is necessary to treat pets all year round. For litters & puppies, or if they have regular contract with children, more frequent treatment is recommended.

It is recommended that cats and dogs are wormed every 3 months. It is not uncommon for owners to have difficulty in giving tablets, but the Practice Nurses are on hand to help.

Preventative dental care
Cleaning your pet's teeth and providing appropriate dental chews/toys can help to save money in the future and avoids the costs associated with dentistry under general anaesthetic. The Practice Nurses can give advice and show you the most effective ways to look after your pet's dental health.

Diet & nutrition advice

The Practice Nurses can give you advice on slimming your pet safely. We have electronic walk-on scales at the Hospital and most of our branches so that animals can be weighed easily. We have a wide variety of pet foods available and the Practice Nurses can help you to choose the best for your pet. The Practice Nurses are also able to give advice regarding the care of your senior pet.

New puppy and kitten advice
Taking ownership of a new puppy or kitten is exciting! The Grove Lodge Vets Practice Nurses can help you to prepare for the arrival of the new addition to the family, and ensure that you are able to give him the very best possible start in life. Please ask about our puppy parties, which provide an ideal opportunity for early socialisation.

Post operative examinations, suture removal & dressing changes
The Practice Nurses are trained in minor medical procedures and can undertake a variety of non-invasive surgical procedures.

Teeth trimming (rabbits)
Dental problems in rabbits are common. The Practice Nurses can trim back overly long incisors and help you to provide an appropriate diet that promotes dental health.

Behavioural and training problems

Sadly too many dogs and cats have to be rehomed as a result of behavioural problems. The Practice Nurses can give advice and support if you are experiencing difficulties with your pet.

Diabetes advice
Diabetes mellitus is surprisingly common in cats and dogs. The prospect of daily insulin injections can be very daunting to owners. The Practice Nurses are available to help you with the care of your diabetic pet and show you how to safely administer the treatment.


An implanted microchip is a permanent way of identifying your pet should he or she get lost. The tiny chip is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades.

Please contact your nearest branch of Grove Lodge Vets for more information or to make a booking.