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A fabulous time was had by everyone who went along and joined in with  PUP AID 2012, organised by our very own Marc Abraham, held on Saturday 8 September 2012 on a very sunny Primrose Hill in London including a group of us from Grove Lodge Vets!

How many famous faces can you spot?! However, the most important trio in this picture are the chocolate Labradors in the front row (and pictured below).  Big thank you to Julia Claxton, the official photographer on the day, who took the two stunning photos of the dogs.

These three lovely dogs were rescued from the horrific conditions of a puppy farm where they were being used as nothing more than breeding machines. They were kept in dark, filthy conditions with no access to daylight. Their teeth are worn down from endlessly chewing the bars of their cages to try to alleviate their distress. One of these beautiful dogs had had repeated Caesarian sections and her poor body bears the scars of this.

The good news is that these three wonderful dogs were rescued and have now undergone months of rehabilitation to enable them to live in a home environment. These three are the lucky ones. There are thousands more dogs who are not so lucky. In order to stop puppy farming we must simply stop the demand. By raising awareness through events like PUP AID and promoting rescue dog adoption and responsible breeding practices it has to end eventually. For the best way to get a new puppy, ask at Grove Lodge Vets for our Top Ten Tips on Buying a Puppy.

GTOVE LODGE VETS GANG AND BRIAN MAYCheck out the Grove Lodge Gang (pictured left) meeting the very charming Brian May (how exciting!), who is a big supporter of PUP AID.

Breeding bitches at PUP AID 2012PUP AID 2012 was all about raising awareness, having a great time and ensuring everyone took home memories of a wonderful day out and enough information to help them make the right decisions in the future when choosing a new canine companion.