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Senior Pet Health Check and Urine Check at booster

Older animals are commonly presented to the surgery with a variety of complaints that could have been avoided or treated if they were noted at an earlier stage.

We have developed the following questionnaire to ensure that your booster vaccination and health check is more rewarding and productive for you and your pet.
Please complete the details below to the best of your abilities. Do not hesitate to ask any questions with regard to your pet'shealth when you come in for your appointment.
Finally, to complete the health check we find it very useful if you could bring in a fresh urine sample from your pet. We do appreciate that sample collection can be difficult in some animals, please do your best! If you are struggling, please ask us for advice.

1.    What do you currently feed your pet?
2.    Has your pet's weight changed in the last year?

If so has it increased or decreased?
3.    Has the amount of water that your pet drinks changed?

If so has it increased or decreased?
4.    Do you presently take any measures to keep your pets teeth clean?
5.    Have you noticed any changes in your pet's behaviour?
6.    Does your pet have any difficulties with exercise?
7.    Has your pet been wormed within the last 3months?
8.    Are there any aspects of your pets health that presently concern you?

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