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Tui's family start the story:


"Tui is our much-loved border collie who loves life and is always eager to go for walks, chasing after tennis balls and exploring. She is a very special member of our family and we all love her dearly.

Although she is ten years old now, she still behaves like a puppy most of the time and she keeps us entertained with her games and silly antics.

Earlier this year, poor Tui started going off her food and wasn't being herself at all. She didn't want to go out, couldn't get comfortable and was clearly becoming very ill. We were extremely worried about her and brought her to Grove Lodge Vets to find out what was wrong. The vets found that there was a stone lodged in her intestines and it had caused a serious blockage. They operated on her immediately and we understand that it was a very difficult surgery. For the next few days we were not sure if Tui would pull through as she was in such a critical condition. Finally, she started eating again and she was allowed to come home. We were all incredibly relieved and it was amazing to have her home in one piece.

Since then she has gone from strength to strength and is now completely back to her old cheeky self! We are extremely grateful to all the wonderful people at Grove Lodge Vets for the expert care they gave Tui while she was with them. They did a fantastic job and we will be forever grateful to them.

The Grove Lodge team takes up the story:

"Tui, a 10 year old, border collie was admitted into Grove Lodge Hospital after several days of vomiting and diarrhoea at home.  On examination Heather Watson, the consulting vet, noticed that Tui was very quiet and was feeling sick. Tui was placed on an intravenous drip and blood tests were run. She had an ultrasound scan of her abdomen, which showed her stomach and some of her intestines were enlarged. It looked like there may have been a mass in the intestines, but it was difficult to confirm by ultrasound so Tui's abdomen was radiographed. The radiographs confirmed a foreign body in her small intestines. Tui was placed on antibiotics and intravenous pain killers, which could be given to Tui at a constant rate and could be adjusted to her level of pain easily.

Vets Rachel Lofts and Louise Prager took Tui to surgery to remove the foreign body. Tui had  a smooth anaesthetic, however,  the vets found the surgery difficult. They surgically removed a large stone from the intestines. A section of intestines that had been surrounding the stone had to be removed as it had been badly damaged by the foreign body. Although the vets tried to minimise the risk of contamination from the damaged intestine by flushing the abdomen with saline, there was still a high risk of wound breakdown.

Post operatively, Tui recovered slowly. The vets and nurses monitored her closely for any post-operative complications. Her pain killers were adjusted accordingly so she was kept as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, Tui was not interested in food, despite the nurses trying to syringe her a little bit of food but she was very bright and happy to go out for a short walk to the toilet outside.

Over the next few days Tui steadily improved with extra pain killers and intravenous fluid on board. She started to lap at some liquidated food. Tui was very bright and insisted on giving the team lots of kisses but she wasn't eating much. Tui underwent a scan with our ultrasonographer Sarah Band. The scan showed that Tui's intestines were still inflamed. We still weren't sure whether Tui would make a complete recovery, after such major surgery. Tui's painkillers were increased and she continued on supportive oral medication.

Overnight, Tui started to eat when she was hand fed and she was keen to go for a short walk outside. The ward vet, Sally Hutton, decreased her level of pain killers until Tui was comfortable without them. That night, Tui slept really well and started to eat by herself.

In total, Tui stayed in the hospital for 5 days before she was allowed to go home. Everyone at Grove Lodge is so pleased that Tui made such a good recovery for a potentially life threatening situation. Thank you to Tui's owners for continuing with her aftercare at home. We are glad to report that Tui has made a complete recovery.