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Braveheart Awards

All our patients are precious to us in their own special way.

A Braveheart Award is given to those patients who have overcome extraordinary adversity and defied the odds.

Read about our Bravehearts here.

Diego's Story

Diego is a 4-and-a half year-old, grey domestic short-haired, very beautiful cat who lives with Louis, a Persian cross.

Bluebell's Story

Poor Bluebell endured her horrific ordeal with a waggy tail and sweet nature

Missie Moo

Poor little Missie Moo was involved in a nasty accident and needed emergency surgery

Thumper's story

This extraordinary bunny won his family's hearts from the moment he joined their family!

Poppy's story

It all started with a small fracture in Poppy's foot.

Mia's story

Mia the Thai tortie initially visited us as she was a bit off colour and vomiting.

Braveheart William

William was originally brought in to Grove Lodge Vets for a routine vaccination including a general health check which was when a large lump was found in his tummy.

Bella's Story

A stroll on the Downs turned into an emergency rush to Grove Lodge Vets for Bella and her family.

Cheery Charley's story

Charley's owners brought him in to investigate his weight loss.

Wee Jock!

Wee Jock has always loved being with people, playing with his ball and chasing birds on the Downs!

Larry the Labrador

In typical Labrador style, Larry likes to eat! Unfortunately, however, not always what he should!

Milly's story

Poor Milly had been attacked by another dog.

Shelby's story

Shelby ate a week's supply of a prescribed medication and needed emergency treatment at Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital

Misty's story

Misty, who’s nearly 12 is a very friendly, loving, carefree, cheeky little cat who knows his own mind and enjoys being cuddled!

Tui's story

Tui is our much-loved border collie who loves life and is always eager to go for walks, chasing after tennis balls and exploring.

Ashanti's story

Ashanti has always ruled the roost at home & loves cuddles!

Beau's story

Beautiful Beau is a rather sociable guy!