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To neuter or not to neuter?

Posted by Abigail on Friday 7th of November 2008

With so many unwanted dogs in the world, responsible dog ownership must include neutering if you do not plan to breed from your dog. As a practice, Grove Lodge recommends owners have their dogs neutered if they are not planning to breed from them. It is important to note that breeding dogs is not an easy thing to do and can sometimes lead to unexpected and costly complications, so you must research fully before deciding to allow your dog to breed.

Listed below are the basic points for and against neutering your dog – the points against are the same for both dogs and bitches. For more in depth information, please talk to your vet. Your dog can usually be neutered from approximately 6 months of age. At Grove Lodge, the pre and post neutering checks are included in the cost of the operation.


Reduces the risk of mammary tumours
No pyometra (pus filled womb), which is often fatal and very expensive to treat
No seasons. Seasons last approximately 3 weeks and during that time your bitch can display changes in behaviour – she can stray for miles looking for love! Male dogs can smell her from 3 miles away when she’s in season!
Helps to avoid straying/unwanted attention (when in season she must be kept on the lead and walked at quiet times of day)
No unwanted/unexpected litters


Completely eliminates the risk of testicular cancer – no testicles!
Reduces the risk of prostate/urinary problems in later life
Reduces excessive mounting of other dogs/cushions/you!
Can reduce aggression with other males


Can be some loss of coat condition, but good diet avoids this
Change in metabolism means possibility of weight gain. To address this, Grove Lodge offers a free 3 month post neuter check with VHA to weigh. You may need to adjust diet and exercise accordingly.