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Pretty Poppy defied the odds

Posted by Abigail on Friday 27th of November 2009

poppy-standingpoppy-standing-1Thank you to the Standing family who shared their wonderful memories of their delightful dog, Poppy, pictured right – what a beautiful girl!

“Poppy was the best you would ever wish for. Bouncy, bright, vibrant, she would give us everything, and got everything in return. She loved her cuddles and games, and though the beach and the park were her favourite places, she didn’t mind where she went as long as she was with us. She was more human than some people I know…she wanted nothing more than to make us happy. She made us chuckle when, whilst watching us eat, she was prioritising what she wanted from the bits she’d be offered, and she knew the shape of a pizza box…leaving her own dinner in case she filled up and couldn’t manage the last slice!

Poppy also had an uncanny knack of knowing what was going on. Always there if you were upset, she would avoid you if you were ill, and play with you when you were happy, whilst a rattle of keys meant she was always first to the front door, with a look that wouldn’t ever see her left at home! Wonderful times.

We’re so very grateful for the time we had with her, especially when she defied the odds and gave us time we didn’t think we’d get. We had so many wonderful times, and whilst the pain of losing such a wonderful companion - and a big part of our lives - may fade in time, the fond memories we have will live on forever. It pains us to know that she will not get to know our new baby boy, but I know she looks down on us and him, willing us on. She will always be our beautiful little girl, and in our hearts, never to be forgotten. We love you Poppy.”