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Local Sussex Vets Launch Exciting Money-Saving Pet Health Club

Posted by Abigail on Thursday 26th of September 2013

These days - as with human medicine - prevention is always better than cure, so what could be more helpful than Grove Lodge Vets' brand new value-for-money scheme encouraging all pet owners to keep your beloved four-legged friends both happy and healthy?

From 1st October 2013 Grove Lodge Veterinary Group is inviting all you pet owners to join our new club saving money and keeping your pet protected from common infectious diseases as well as pesky parasites.

We have carefully designed a range of exciting tailored healthcare plans to help keep your cat or dog in tip-top condition whilst helping cut costs; with regular essential disease prevention, e.g. annual boosters and vet health check, year-round flea and worm treatments, as well as important three-monthly check-ups with a qualified veterinary nurse.

In addition Grove Lodge Vets Pet Health Club members will also receive significant discounts on dental care, neutering (including hugely popular laparoscopic (keyhole) bitch spays), microchipping, prescription diets, long-term medication, rabies vaccination, and much more.

Grove Lodge Vets' Head Vet Nicola Bromley says, "We can't emphasise enough the importance of pet owners providing routine preventative veterinary care for their pets and now they'll be able to do so at a very affordable monthly cost. Responsible owners are already paying for these treatments so there's no reason not to join as you'll instantly start saving money."

Vet Nicola continues "Worming, vaccinating, neutering and regularly treating our pets for fleas makes our community a much safer and disease-free place to live not just for us and our children, but for all other pets too."

Mrs Rose, client at Grove Lodge Vets Lancing says, "Keeping two cats and a dog up to date with all their injections, flea and worm treatments, plus long term canine arthritis medication can prove expensive but thanks to Grove Lodge Vets new Pet Health Club it'll help to keep costs down allowing more freedom to spoil them with extra toys and treats!"

Click here to find out more about our brand new Pet Health Club or call the Pet Health Club manager at Grove Lodge in Preston Drove, Brighton on 01273 558838.