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Greyhound vs train

Posted by Abigail on Friday 9th of October 2009

bluebell-going-homeWith a headline like that, no one would expect a happy ending, but at the risk of spoiling the suspense – this story has a very happy ending!

On Tuesday morning, 29 September 2009, a stray greyhound was brought to us having been hit by a train. The train driver realised at the last minute he was about to hit the dog, was able to radio notification that he had to stop the train, ran back along the track, put the dog on the train and drove her to Worthing Station where she was looked after by the staff until the RSPCA brought her to Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital. You can imagine the condition she was in. We do have photos, but I thought they were too shocking for you to see.

Miraculously, despite her dreadful ordeal, life threatening bruising and wounds to her face and body, Bluebell (as we have called her) is still alive and definitely looking like she will make a full recovery! Without the quick actions of the train driver and subsequent intensive nursing, pain killers, blood transfusions, specialist dressings and complicated and lengthy surgery, this dog would undoubtedly have died beside the track. Bluebell will shortly be in the care of a fosterer experienced in the care of greyhounds. She has the sweetest nature and all through her treatment has not once snapped or shown her teeth, despite being in excrutiating pain and we all love her dearly.

We are appealing to the public and local charities to help with her extremely large vet bill as Bluebell has no owner to pay for her treatment, which is so far in the region of £4,000.

If anyone would like to make donations, please send to Abigail Corcoran at Grove Lodge, Upper Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 9DL or to Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service to 33 West Buildings, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 3BS. Many people have already done so and we are extremely grateful for people’s generosity.

We would also very much like to thank the Retired Greyhound Trust and Sussex Pet Rescue for their extremely generous donations towards Bluebell’s care.