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Direct appeal from Cats Protection, Worthing

Posted by Abigail on Monday 11th of May 2009

oliveWorthing & District Cats Protection is making a special appeal to help meet the cost of Olive’s treatment. We don’t make a habit of this – it is the first appeal we’ve undertaken since Scrunchie suffered appalling injuries in 2004, which some of you may remember.

Olive suffered a road traffic accident in Brighton and came to Grove Lodge Veterinary Group as a stray. Grove Lodge asked if Cats Protection would take responsibility for Olive and of course we agreed. She had suffered injuries to her hind legs, but once treated we were assured she would lead a healthy life. Olive is a beautiful 18 month old tortie and white female. One of the photos shows her just 4 days after having her hind leg amputated and the other just one day after surgery.

olive-1Olive is making a really good recovery and we are very grateful to Grove Lodge vets and nurses, in particular to vet Jane Maccabee who was directly involved with her treatment. Jane continues to treat Olive, changing her dressings etc and it was Jane who sent us these photos.

Olive is an amazing character, so gentle and extremely lively and inquisitive in her new home, which she shares with ‘mum’ Zoe and two cats who have accepted her already.

This appeal is to help cover some of the £2,700 cost that we have so far incurred on Olive’s treatment. If you would like to make a donation (for which we would be very grateful), please send it to our charity shop at:

Cats Protection Charity Shop
35 Rowlands Road
West Sussex
BN11 3JJ

Please make cheques payable to ‘Worthing & District Cats Protection’.

Any amount, however large or small, is very gratefully received.

Thank you for your kindness.