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Baby Birds: What should you do?

Posted by Abigail on Wednesday 1st of April 2009

baby-birdYou may remember we discussed baby birds this time last year and what you should do if you think there could be a problem. Below is a quick reminder of the golden rules.

The RSPB advice is clear: unless the bird is injured or in immediate danger, leave it where it is as the parents will be watching over and feeding it.

If the bird has  a serious injury, for example a broken wing, punch some holes into a cardboard box, pick the bird up very carefully and put it inside. Darkness reduces stress, so keeping the bird in a dark box will help keep it calm. Take a look at the RSPB website for more advice. Bring the bird along to Grove Lodge for treatment as we have a specialist wildlife unit.

REMEMBER: You must only bring a baby bird to us if you are absolutely sure it is injured. Handling wild birds greatly reduces their life expectancy and therefore must only be done in an emergency.