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Post-operative care for dog dentals

Your dog has received a general anaesthetic and is likely to be quiet and subdued for 24-48 hours.

Today's treatment - your dog has had its teeth thoroughly scaled and polished. Any damaged or infected teeth have been removed.

Pain relief - if your dog has had any teeth removed, it will have received a painkilling injection that lasts for 24-48 hours. If required your dog will have been dispensed some oral painkillers to continue with at home. If you are concerned that your dog appears uncomfortable, please contact the surgery.

Feeding - your dog may be fed a light meal this evening. A suitable diet is provided by the surgery or you can prepare a homemade meal of chicken or white fish with rice. Do not feed any dried food for the next few days unless it is soaked in water first.

Occasionally, after an anaesthetic, animals may lose their appetite and/or be sick. If this continues for more than 24 hours or you are concerned, please contact the surgery.

Clipping - a small area of fur will have been clipped from one or both forelegs where the anaesthetic was injected. If your dog has had a blood test, fur may have been clipped from under its neck.

Coughing - your dog may have a dry cough for a few days after surgery. This could be because a tube was put down its throat allowing it to breathe during the anaesthetic. If the cough persists or causes distress, please contact the surgery for advice.

Salivation - you may notice that your dog dribbles blood stained saliva for a couple of days. This is not unusual but if it appears excessive, please contact the surgery for advice.

Check up - a follow up appointment with the Vet or our Veterinary Health Advisor will allow them to re-examine your dog's mouth and to provide further advice regarding dental care.

IN AN EMERGENCY - If you are worried when you get home, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a vet and nurses on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at our main hospital, telephone 01903 234866.