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Pet insurance companies offer different levels of cover, from limited to unlimited for the lifetime of your pet. The cost is affected by how comprehensive a cover you choose, where you live and the age and breed of your pet.

Veterinary Fees - Lifetime cover

  • Provides veterinary fees cover for the lifetime of your pet.
  • Covers ongoing or recurring conditions
  • Renews yearly and is subject to an annual excess if you submit a claim
  • May have no financial limit, although most have a monetary limit per condition per year, anything from £4,000 - £10,000.
  • May require you to pay a percentage of each claim when your pet reaches old age.
  • This is in addition to the excess and is typically 10 - 35%.
  • Monthly premiums and/or excess usually increases as the pet ages.

Veterinary fees - Limited cover

  • Imposes a time or money limit (or both) for each separate condition treated.
  • Provides veterinary fees cover for the initial 12 months following diagnosis, after which that condition will be excluded.
  • Usually imposes a financial limit in addition to the time limit (e.g. £4,000 - £7,000 per condition).
  • Useful for one-off injury/accident costs.
  • Cheaper than lifetime cover.


  • Most companies operate a 'honeymoon period' when a new policy is taken out, which means they won't pay for veterinary treatment within the first 10-14 days of the policy start-date
  • 'Pre-existing' conditions will not be covered, i.e. when you and/or your vet knew your pet had a problem before taking out insurance
  • Some policies exclude hereditary or congenital conditions, even if previous unknown
  • Some policies won't cover pets when they become older i.e. over 8-10 years depending on your policy
  • Elective or preventative treatment are commonly excluded (e.g. dentistry, neutering, pregnancy and birth)
  • Some policies will be invalidated if your pet isn't vaccinated, or diseases arising from non-vaccination won't be covered (e.g. distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, cat flu)
  • Euthanasia and cremation costs are not always covered

All policies also offer third party liability and most offer help with boarding kennel fees, quarantine costs, advertising and reward costs for a lost pet, and a refund of the purchase price of the animal should it stray, be stolen, or die.

Questions to consider....

  • If unlimited lifetime cover is too expensive, does the policy offer lifetime cover that pays up to a certain amount per condition per year? When you renew your policy annually, this monetary ceiling is also renewed.
  • Does the cover per condition last longer than 12months?
  • Is there a realistic monetary ceiling?
  • Will unknown congenital or hereditary conditions be covered?
  • How much does the excess or monthly premium increase as the pet ages?
  • Is there an extra excess charge (e.g. 20%) payable by you for each claim?