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Advice bandages & dressings Grove Lodge Sussex

Care of Dressing and Bandages

All bandages and dressings must be checked regularly at the surgery to ensure your pet is healing well and to avoid complications. This can often be done by the nurse, but sometimes your pet will need to see the vet.

It is essential to make and keep all re-examination appointments.

Clean & dry

If you wish to take your pet outside, bandages covering the foot should be protected by a tough plastic bag (we can often provide you with a suitable bag on demand). This may be secured with Elastoplast, ties, an elastic band or even sticky tape to prevent it falling off. (The nurse discharging your pet will demonstrate how to secure the bag safely.) The bag must be removed as soon as your pet returns indoors to prevent the foot from sweating and the dressing becoming wet.

Contact Grove Lodge Vets promptly if you notice any of the following:

  • Your pet is interfering with its dressing/bandage.
  • The area around the bandage is swollen, red and/or sore.
  • Toes exposed from the bandage feel cold.
  • You notice a foul smell from the bandage.
  • The dressing gets wet.
  • The dressing appears to be slipping or rubbing.
  • You notice areas of discharge on the dressing or bleeding from wounds beneath the dressing.
  • Your pet appears to be uncomfortable.

In an emergency

If you are worried when you get home, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact your nearest branch of Grove Lodge Vets during opening times or we have a vet and nurses on the premises 24 hours a day at the main hospital on 01903 234866 who will be happy to help you and your pet.