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The vet caring for your pet has recommended a blood test. This will be performed on a blood sample taken from your pet on an agreed day between 9 am and 10 am at Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital, Worthing. Please do not give your pet any food after 8 pm the night before the blood test. Cats should be kept in overnight with a litter tray so they do not get out and forage for food. Water should be available at all times.

On arrival at the hospital, please report to reception. The receptionist will arrange for a nurse to take your pet down to the hospital for the blood sample to be taken.

Blood samples are either taken from the jugular vein in the neck or the cephalic vein in the front leg. The area will be shaved using electric clippers prior to the blood sample being taken.

Despite careful handling, some animals can bruise quite easily and there may be a slight bruise at the site of blood sampling for several days after the procedure. Some patients may be discharged with a small dressing over the site of sampling. This may be removed at home the same evening.

The nurses will endeavour to return your pet to you as quickly as possible. There may be a slight delay on occasions due to workload or lack of patient compliance. On odd occasions, patients will refuse to co-operate and require sedation prior to sampling. In this instance, your pet would need to be admitted for the morning and you will be asked for your consent for sedation. The nurse will advise you when to collect your pet.

Results will be reported to you as promptly as possible. How quickly the results are received will be dependent on the particular tests performed. The vet caring for your pet will advise you when to ring or when they will contact you to discuss the results - please ensure that we have up to date daytime contact information for you. Please do not hesitate to contact the hospital if you haven't received the results after 7 days from the blood being taken.